You Are Resilience

We support executives in building resilience in their organisations

Your biggest impact as a leader is on those whom you lead

We work with executives on an individual basis to improve focus, increase capacity, manage stress and become better leaders. We work with your teams and your top talent to build resilience through sustained development programs.

Enabling your organisation to:

Reduce Burnout & Stress  |  Lower Attrition  |  Retain & Attract Top Talent  |  Increase Productivity  |  Increase Positivity  |  Improve Results

"The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones" 

- Confucius



You can get the results you need to succeed

Build resilience in your people and your organisation

We know you want results, you want your teams to achieve, excel, and contribute to the goals of your organisation.

      You want them to not only meet – but exceed expectations.

We know you care about your people.  


 attract the best people and get the most out of them

The pace of change, high expectations, and high levels of distraction in our fast-paced corporate environments are all risks to productivity, results, employee health and overall success. The reality of stress, burnout and disengaged employees not only threatens the organisation’s likelihood of achieving objectives, but takes a toll on people. It limits our ability to achieve – both for the individual and the organisation.


Our expertise lies in the area of building

Resilience, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership capabilities

Create a vision that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

Christina Bowe , Founder & CEO

Christina Bowe, Founder & CEO

let me introduce myself

My name is Christina Bowe, I am a Resilience Expert

I am the founder and CEO of You Are Resilience UK. My experience, spanning 22+ years, has been in fast-paced corporate environments of Consulting, Sales, Strategy and Operations at organisations such as Deloitte, Oracle, Lexmark and Kofax. I have a successful executive career in Business Transformation and Enterprise Software Sales, where leading, developing, empowering and retaining the right people underpin my ability to deliver outstanding successes.

A significant investment and focus on my development building Emotional Intelligence and Resilience has been a key part of my professional and personal growth. Incorporating these skills into my leadership style has helped ensure the success of my teams and the many organisations I have worked with. My ability to effectively communicate, to motivate , to manage inevitable tensions while delivering results, and to develop resilience are my key strengths.  

I am a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach with RocheMartin, one of the most trusted global names in emotional intelligence, mindfulness and leadership.   

My International experience is extensive, with many past roles having a global reach. I am a Canadian who spent a decade being based in California as well as living and working in various countries, including Istanbul, Turkey; Vancouver, Canada; and Paris, France. I am now based in London, England, the city I have called home for the past 11 years. 

My experience as a commercial leader has taught me that your people are your most important competitive differentiator, and increasingly the only differentiator we have left.

This includes you!


how we work

We offer Corporate Programs, 1:1 Coaching, Workshops and Keynote speaking.

We will tailor a bespoke program to meet your needs.



Corporate Programs

We will tailor a Resilience program to suit your organisation’s needs. From working with teams to improve execution and team dynamics; incorporating resilience into Professional Development Programs; and working with your Top Talent assessing and harnessing their leadership potential, we will create a bespoke offering to get you the results you need.


Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching programs are designed to support your development with a challenging and supportive relationship. Key coaching themes include: Building resilience, improving focus, improving your executive presence, coaching for public speaking and Emotional Intelligence competency development for self-assessment or 360 evaluations.


Keynotes & Workshops

    Workshops vary in length, popular topics include:  Emotional Intelligence - Competencies You Can Build;  Resilience - Building your Capacity for Focus & Challenge;  Emotional Intelligence for Sales Teams - “People buy from People”. Keynotes around Resilience & Emotional Intelligence can be adapted to match the key message or theme of your event.  

'If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there'

- Lewis Carroll



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